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iMac repair

It does not work iMac? Can not understand the damage and how much repairs will cost?

Several external features described below will help you to understand the

problem, the timing and cost of repairs at our service center.

According to our experience on the iMac often experience the following faults:

A faulty hard drive

A characteristic feature is a folder with a question mark at startup. We always have in stock hdd of different sizes for iMac to choose from. Replacement takes 3-4 hours. * Addressing to us with this breakdown, you will receive a discount on the installation of Mac OS and for cleaning iMac from the dust, when replacing the hard drive in our service center.

Strips or squares on the screen

Usually the case in the video card, but rather in its main component: video chip. Chips on the iMac are rare and it takes time for ordering and delivery. The most typical chip are available (at the GeForce 8800 GS). Proprietary soldering station and proven suppliers of chips, allow us to make repairs, after which your iMac will last for years.

Broken glass

Large range of stock.

Does not work

Do not respond to the power button, turns on but no picture: the motherboard or power supply for iMac, such requests we receive not very often. Nevertheless, we have a wide range of power supplies for the iMac of stock.

For all of the warranty from 1 to 3 months. If you have not found the description of the damage of your iMac or you have any questions, ask on the website or call us at 8 (495) 542-05-89.

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Андрей Романов 30 ноября

Вопрос: Добрый день! Интересует стоимость восстановления компьютера IMac к заводским установкам -проблема в том, что была установлен Windows, система полетела, а клавиатура теперь не подключается, так как была потеряна связь. Таким образом, нужно перепрошить, вернуть к заводским установкам ПО. Сколько это будет стоить?

Ответ: Здравствуйте!Какую систему необходимо восстановить Windows или MacOS ,есть ли необходимость в восстановлении данных?Стоимость восстановления данных зависит от объема

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Ляпин Константин Юрьевич 23 апреля

Вопрос: Добрый день! Интересует услуга по извлечению заглушки sd флэшки из cd привода. imac 2011. 21,5
Какова стоимость?

Ответ: здравствуйте, стоимость сборки/разборки Imac 2800р.

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